With September set to be full of lovely hot weather we got thinking about the challenge of keeping you and your guests cool as well as keeping your wedding in top condition.  Many brides in England hope for a dry day, the thought of competing with hot sunny weather often doesn't come into it until the week before, when you start to look at the forecast. Weddings in the heat can cause their own issues, so here are some ideas we have come up with to help:
  • If your wedding is outdoors it may be worth changing the food, as some foods do not sit well in the heat. This is especially true of fried food and heavy potato based dishes. Talk to your caterer and see if it is possible to change even just some of your menu - for example, changing hot vegetables to a salad can make an immediate difference.
  • Perhaps you have planned an alcoholic drinks reception - why not include some drinks designed to reinvigorate yourself and your guests? All drinks can be made to look really attractive by using fresh ingredients in their presentation, so non-alcoholic drinks don't need to seem boring. Some of my favourites include:

    Lavender Mint Iced Tea, suits outdoor wedding particularly well.
    Sparkling Apple Cider, an attractive alternative which could even be used for a non-alcoholic option for the toasts.
    Pure Cherry Juice, serve as alcohol free Red Wine.
    Apple, elderflower and mint sparkle, beautifully refreshing.
    Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail, allow guests to believe its alcohol.

    Learn more about these drinks on my Pinterest board.

  • Make sure there is some shade in outdoor spaces - especially important if there will children running around. Pop up gazebos can be bought or hired cheaply and decorated to complement your wedding. If your ceremony or Wedding Breakfast is outside consider hiring large sun umbrellas to protect everybody from the sun.  These last minute details could be very much appreciated by your guests.
  • Alcohol can be very dehydrating, so ask your venue to provide jugs of ice cold water on the tables. Providing water will encourage your guests to stay hydrated which in turn allows them to fully enjoy your day with you. It is simple to make these jugs look appealing by adding fruit such as strawberries or watermelon with basil to each jug.

  • If there is lots of travelling at your wedding (Church to venue etc) then consider providing mini bottles of water at the church for your guests to drink on their journey, or even during the service if need be. You can always send an usher out to buy some cold bottles in the morning and distribute them amongst the guests.
  • Your cake can suffer during the hot weather so consider keeping it in your venue’s fridge or other cold place until you want to cut it, instead of leaving it out on display all day. If you wish to show it off earlier you could bring it out for the drinks reception and return it to the cold during the meal. Contact your cake maker for their advice on how to look after their creation in the heat.
  • However organised your guests might be they may forget their good intentions of applying suncream or insect repellent at regular intervals as they get involved with your wedding. Why not purchase a few bottle of high factor suncream and insect repellent to place in the toilets to remind people.  Some guests may not be able to fit these items into their attractive bags so will only apply it it the morning whilst getting ready.
  • Seeing wilted flowers on your wedding pictures must be a very depressing thing.  Contact your florist for an expert opinion on if your flowers will withstand the heat. If you  are planning for hot weather then consider using orchids, roses, lisanthus or hydrangeas as these withstand heat and humidity well.
  • Frozen desserts - There is nothing like a cold desert to round off your palette during a hot day. Consider an ice cream bar or van to help guests and you stay cool.

Hope these ideas help you to keep your hot wedding cool!



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