Spring is such a beautiful time in the UK; filled with bright green leaves and freshly blossomed flowers, against the pale blue backdrop.
Planning a spring wedding during this picturesque scene is probably why spring weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Summer is typically the most the popular time of year to wed, but recent trends have shown March to May have kicked summer from the top spot.
While it’s only a season away, planning a spring wedding is actually quite different from a summer wedding. There are different things to consider and different options available – here’s a rundown of our top priorities to get you springing (get it) to the big day!


It might be stating the obvious, but the weather is one of the biggest considerations when planning a spring wedding. You can expect sunshine in summer and that it’ll be overcast in winter – spring is less predictable.

With this in mind, it’s important to plan for every eventuality, without limiting yourself. You’ll still want to make the most of the sunshine and gorgeous spring scenery so and indoor wedding would mean you’ll miss out. But you also want to be able to have shelter from the elements. There are many venues that offer both – try to find somewhere with an indoor room a well as grounds or a patio area. But make sure you carry your styling from inside to out so your pictures have continuity.

If you want outdoors to be the main focus, for example an outdoor ceremony, have an indoor alternative with a wet weather plan so alterations can be made easily. This would be a good time to use some extra pair of hands on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Spring evenings do tend to be a lot cooler than those in summer – even if it’s a blisteringly sunny day, the evening will still be a lot colder than the day so plan for that by adding a bolero or light jacket to your dress – or even consider sleeves.

Rain + outside = mud. Times that by a white dress and we’ve got a bad situation. If you want to be able to explore outside and are at risk of getting muddy, think about getting a shorter dress, voiding white or even airing your dress with a cute set of bridal wellies.


If youre planning a wedding in early spring, it’s important to remember that it begins getting dark at around 6pm. For weddings around March, consider starting your wedding a little earlier so you can make the most of natural sunlight for photographs.

Flower options

One of my favourite things about spring is the blossoming flowers. It’s a delight to walk through the park and see them come to life. If you choose to have flowers feature heavily at your Spring wedding then you’re in luck as some of the most beautiful flowers are at their best in spring. Daffodils, peonies, tulips and hyacinth to name a few make a stunning addition to any wedding scene.

When you think wedding flower, your mind automatically goes to the bouquet, but flowers can be used in many ways to style your wedding to bring the spring theme through. For example, laid delicately over the cake, as a hair accessory and as centre pieces.


Spring theme doesn’t only mean colours and flowers – you can inject spring into your wedding using flavours. Injecting citrus or any fruity flavour gives the feeling of fresh spring. Try lemon flavouring in the cake, or elderflower in the prosecco for a fruity twist that really evokes the feeling of spring.

Y\our meal can reflect the spring vibe too – plenty of fresh green vegetables, salads or even lamb are all very spring-like meals.
These are just some of the ways to prepare for a spring wedding to help make planning your wedding less stressful.

At Rosemary Davies Weddings & Events we plan beautiful weddings in marquees and historic country houses. We travel all over to assist you with your planning. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with your plans.

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As part of my Wedding Venue Finder Service I recently visited the beautiful Tithe Barn in the Saxon hamlet of Ditcham, located between Petersfield and South Harting. On my approach I couldn't help but be wowed by the rolling landscapes of the South Downs Country Park. Despite its rural location it is within easy reach of Guildford, Portsmouth, Winchester and Chichester.

The grade 2 listed barn has been beautifully restored to near its original state. This unusually grand building has twenty-two beautiful windows, six soaring stone archways (which were my guides favourite part of the building) and a magnificent flagstone floor which is now complete with underfloor heating. During restoration the original grain bins have been lovingly converted into magnificent balcony, a fabulous place to look out over your lovingly planned wedding celebrations, a cosy place to serve tea and coffee, have fun with a caricaturist or photo booth or as a focal point for live music.

Wedding Planner Winchester Hampshire Wedding Venue - Wedding Planner Hampshire Tithe Barn Hampshire - Wedding Planning Winchester

Outside the building the picturesque meadow is the perfect location to hold a champagne and canapé reception with a view, a space to play garden games, or even a bouncy castle. The meadow is complete with lime trees lit by fairy lights which create a magical effect. Also within the barns grounds is a beautifully decorated caravan and arbour which are a fantastic talking point as well as photo opportunity.
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English Countryside - Tithe Barn - Wedding Planning London
Tithe barn is an exclusive use venue for up to 250 seated guests. There is also considerable parking with space for approximately 80 cars or even a coach. Couples can choose from an extensive list of approved caterers and mobile bars to use within the barn.

For any couple embarking on choosing their wedding venue I feel this is a venue not to be overlooked. Either myself or the friendly team at Tithe Barn would be happy to show you around and discuss your wedding day.

You can find lots of ideas for weddings of all styles, including barn weddings and specifically Tithe Barn weddings on my Pinterest boards.

I hope this venue information helps you in your search.

With September set to be full of lovely hot weather we got thinking about the challenge of keeping you and your guests cool as well as keeping your wedding in top condition.  Many brides in England hope for a dry day, the thought of competing with hot sunny weather often doesn't come into it until the week before, when you start to look at the forecast. Weddings in the heat can cause their own issues, so here are some ideas we have come up with to help:
  • If your wedding is outdoors it may be worth changing the food, as some foods do not sit well in the heat. This is especially true of fried food and heavy potato based dishes. Talk to your caterer and see if it is possible to change even just some of your menu - for example, changing hot vegetables to a salad can make an immediate difference.
  • Perhaps you have planned an alcoholic drinks reception - why not include some drinks designed to reinvigorate yourself and your guests? All drinks can be made to look really attractive by using fresh ingredients in their presentation, so non-alcoholic drinks don't need to seem boring. Some of my favourites include:

    Lavender Mint Iced Tea, suits outdoor wedding particularly well.
    Sparkling Apple Cider, an attractive alternative which could even be used for a non-alcoholic option for the toasts.
    Pure Cherry Juice, serve as alcohol free Red Wine.
    Apple, elderflower and mint sparkle, beautifully refreshing.
    Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail, allow guests to believe its alcohol.

    Learn more about these drinks on my Pinterest board.

  • Make sure there is some shade in outdoor spaces - especially important if there will children running around. Pop up gazebos can be bought or hired cheaply and decorated to complement your wedding. If your ceremony or Wedding Breakfast is outside consider hiring large sun umbrellas to protect everybody from the sun.  These last minute details could be very much appreciated by your guests.
  • Alcohol can be very dehydrating, so ask your venue to provide jugs of ice cold water on the tables. Providing water will encourage your guests to stay hydrated which in turn allows them to fully enjoy your day with you. It is simple to make these jugs look appealing by adding fruit such as strawberries or watermelon with basil to each jug.

  • If there is lots of travelling at your wedding (Church to venue etc) then consider providing mini bottles of water at the church for your guests to drink on their journey, or even during the service if need be. You can always send an usher out to buy some cold bottles in the morning and distribute them amongst the guests.
  • Your cake can suffer during the hot weather so consider keeping it in your venue’s fridge or other cold place until you want to cut it, instead of leaving it out on display all day. If you wish to show it off earlier you could bring it out for the drinks reception and return it to the cold during the meal. Contact your cake maker for their advice on how to look after their creation in the heat.
  • However organised your guests might be they may forget their good intentions of applying suncream or insect repellent at regular intervals as they get involved with your wedding. Why not purchase a few bottle of high factor suncream and insect repellent to place in the toilets to remind people.  Some guests may not be able to fit these items into their attractive bags so will only apply it it the morning whilst getting ready.
  • Seeing wilted flowers on your wedding pictures must be a very depressing thing.  Contact your florist for an expert opinion on if your flowers will withstand the heat. If you  are planning for hot weather then consider using orchids, roses, lisanthus or hydrangeas as these withstand heat and humidity well.
  • Frozen desserts - There is nothing like a cold desert to round off your palette during a hot day. Consider an ice cream bar or van to help guests and you stay cool.

Hope these ideas help you to keep your hot wedding cool!



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When choosing your wedding stationery it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices: papers, designs, electronic versions or printed - to name a few - so we have put together a checklist to help you choose the right things for your wedding.

See as many samples as you can. Sit down together with a pile of samples. Many companies will send you a selection to look through. Decide which you like and what you like about them. It is also equally important to know what you disliked about your reject pile. Whilst looking at them consider whether you think you will want custom or bespoke wedding stationery.

Compile a list of guests and their addresses. Are Save the Dates necessary? Many people ask me this. I think they are useful, especially if you are planning several months ahead as then your guests know to expect an invitation. These can be sent electronically - ask your potential guests to reply with their current postal address so you have them ready when it’s time to post invitations.

Invite Checklist: When deciding on your final invitations remember what you liked/disliked from your samples and then refer to the following list to help finalise them.  Some of these are more important if they are being professionally printed; some things to consider:
  • Size
  • Colours
  • Weight
  • Envelopes
  • Content and wording
  • Font
  • RSVP card
  • What needs to be included (invite/info card/rsvp/schedule of day)
  • Quantity needed
  • Are separate evening invites needed? If so, will they look the same?

What to include? It is up to you what to include with your invitations. Some couples like to include lots of items such as an RSVP, menu choices if applicable, information about the day, suitable accommodation and gift list information.  You can include as much or as little information as you like, when it comes to the day information it might be nice to give your guests a surprise.

Quote from printer/designer. Confirm your wording and content. There are so many ways of inviting people to your wedding that it can be difficult to know where to start.  Who is the invitation from, the happy couple, either set of parents, stepparents. grandparents or everybody?  There are many options of how to word.  For more help or advice then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy? Approve of your invitations? Send them to your printers/makers. If different people are doing your envelopes then do theses first as envelopes can often take longer.

Packaging for posting. If your invites are an awkward shape or quite thick then look into the most cost effective way of packaging your invitations.  If they contain many parts it might be worth investing in boxes as an alternative packaging? (Here is a luxury example!)

RSVPs should be noted as soon as guests reply so you can keep track of any dietary requirements as well as attendees. Remember to include a date to reply by on your invitation. Many wedding planners offer an RSVP service (even if it is not advertised) so they will chase anybody who has not replied enabling you to do more important things.

Secondary printing. Once your invitations have been printed/made and sent, you can relax! Start thinking about the next round of printing which includes: menus, Order of Service, place cards, table plans, table numbers, signs and thank you cards.

Quantity: It is expensive to have more stationery printed/made so order 10-15% more than you need to allow for any accidents or losses.

Inspiration. There are many many fabulous designers and printers of wedding stationery so here is a few of our favourites to suit all different budgets.
As with everything your wedding stationery should reflect your wedding and personalities.  Remember that less is more, especially when giving your guests information about your day which they don't necessarily need and possibly wont read and absorb.  
Happy choosing!


Whilst walking back to my car one recent afternoon I noticed a new bridal boutique.  I must admit to being a bit excited as I peered in through the window of Kelly’s Bridal Couture.  I was patient though, I went home and researched into their website, read client reviews, investigated their designers etc before I went in.  My patience paid off.  Once I went in I discovered what a friendly boutique this is so I decided to get her view on running an upcoming bridal boutique on the Hampshire coast: 

Why did you decide to open a bridal boutique?

I have a passion for both weddings and fashion, and in order to work with both of these aspects on a daily basis owning and working in a bridal shop was the perfect solution.  I loved the idea of not only helping a bride find her dream dress but provide her with a special ‘dress experience’. Before we opened I worked with a bridal consultant and visited the biggest bridal trade show in the UK and this is what confirmed my ideas for me.

Why did you choose your coastal location?

We decided to open up in the beautiful seaside town of Lee-on-the-Solent as we are surrounded by stunning tea rooms, hair and beauty salons, a fabulous florist and a bespoke jewellers which all relate to the field of weddings.

Which designers have you decided to stock?

Our bridal gowns have been hand-picked from top designers from around the world, covering many styles and designs to suit each bride’s specific needs: Martina Liana, Justin Alexander, Eddy K, JLM Couture and Victoria Kay.

What about bridal accessories?

We have a beautiful range of bridal accessories, from shoes (rainbow club), veils (Elizabeth Dickens), jewellery and hair accessories (Ivory & Co) which have again been handpicked specifically to complement our bridal gowns.

Do you stock bridesmaid dresses too?

In terms of bridesmaid’s dresses, we stock JLM Couture (Alvina Maids) which come in a huge variety of colours and styles from pewter, cadbury’s purple, blush, marsala, sky, black, navy, sage, buttercup, cashmere etc. However currently we are looking to expand our selection of bridesmaids’ gowns taking on another designer later this year!

All brides want a great experience when buying their dress, why should brides come to you?

Kelly’s Bridal Couture is unique in its own way. Firstly, no stockists within a 30 mile radius will stock the same bridal gowns as us.  As well as this our top priority is to give our brides not only an exciting and pleasant experience but one they will remember.  We hope they leave their bridal gown fitting feeling positive and content. Our boutique offers an elegant interior, private dressing facilities, and one to one appointments. The team at Kelly's Bridal Couture deliver a very personal service providing assistance and guidance, suggesting gowns to suit each bride’s shape and style. During their 90 appointment we will offer light refreshments to help the bride and bridal party relax and enjoy the fitting.

What after service do you offer for brides who buy their wedding dress from you?

If a bride decides to order their gown with us, on their second fitting once their dress arrives in store we will provide each bride with our dressmaker’s details or we can arrange for the dressmaker to meet the bride in store during their fitting. This depends  upon the bride’s needs and will be arranged prior to the fitting.

After meeting Kelly and her team we will definitely be returning in the future on our Bridal Dress Experience  and with our Full/Partial Planning clients.  If you want to join us in visiting this upcoming boutique please Contact Us.

Kelly can be found on High Street, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire or by clicking here.
I’ve not tried blogging before so here goes;

There are few things more enjoyable as a wedding planner than an open evening hosted by Zoe and her team at the Great Hire. On 23/4/15 I was lucky enough to attend one of these events.

This company is one of my first point of calls when looking to hire high calibre, on trend furniture. These lovely people really are second to none.

Our evening began with us surrounded by delicious food and plenty of wine while we got to work brainstorming future weddings. After such a memorable time I thought I would take the time to share some of the furniture combinations we loved most.

A lovely intimate seating arrangement. The amazing thing is that these chairs come in different colours and can have the seat colour changed to suit your colour scheme and tastes - one of the many reasons we love Great Hire.

​This beautiful rose gold table and coordinating chairs are brilliantly on trend this season.

This colourful and elegant sofa seating arrangement is just the tip of the iceberg when you need a bit of bling to compliment your venues furniture. As with so many things at Great Hire this is available in lots of colours so we should be able to find one to suit your wedding or event.

If your venue needs a bit of something extra consider using a furniture hire service to replace, compliment or add to your venues current furniture. Companies like Great Hire are often a beloved sight at any of our weddings and events in Hampshire and beyond.